sister golden hair surprise

Hi everybody -- it's been a while.

I just returned from another week-long stay at the hospital, nothing serious, similar circumstances. Oh well. It had me re-evaluate things a little bit, and I think I'm a little more on track, just in general. I hope no one feels I've been neglectful... because I have... But the week before that I had exams and things were just so stressful. Supposedly, I have 6 weeks of blog reading to do, but I'm only going to read one haha.

Well, the return to blogging, here's an outfit:

Dress - wholesale-dress.net; hat - gift; shoes - Payless; bracelet/ring - Target; polish - Milani in Gold, lipstick - Revlon in Coralberry

I look a little stupid holding onto my hat in almost every photo haha. Oh well. 

I found this little patch of grass, flowers, and sunshine with a tree swing behind a newly-constructed house.. Trespassing is fun. But it was too cute to pass up. The house just sold, so I guess I won't be returning.. 

Hopefully since it is summer now I will have a few more posts more often. I do have some work, class, and an audition or two set up, but otherwise, my summer's pretty free! 


Glad to be back.



  1. I love you dearly, and if you need anything, let me know. You know this of course.

    Really Kat. <3

  2. beautiful pictures you look so bohemian!!


  3. I hope you will be fine.
    With this hat you look like to have a halo on your head, like a holy person.

  4. Good to have you back :) Hope you're ok chick, you look stunning in these photos :)


  5. Beautiful photo's, and I love the hat! very happy to have found your lovely blog:)

  6. beautiful outfit! and you look so pretty, great style :)

    would you like to enter our Lou Makes giveaway? I think you'll like it :)


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  7. I'm glad your back and alive and well! That's what matters, pressure to blog is the stupidest thing ever if you ask me.
    And of course in typical Kat fashion, you come back looking more lovely than ever. I'm quite in love with that straw hat, not gonna lie.


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