an education

i watched the film 'an education' last night. my opinion?

ohmygodit'sreallygood. carey mulligan is so beautiful - she rocks the beehive for a few scenes - and she's an excellent actress. the whole movie was great though. i wish that kind of thing would happen to me - getting swept off of her feet by a charismatic rich young man.. british, too.. who takes her to paris! oh i could die.

so, with the help of carrie's beehive tut (although i don't have enough hair for a real one), some juliette greco, brigitte bardot, and the teenagers thrown in for good measure, and a 60's filter,  i came up with my inspired outfit. to be fair, i did wear this outfit today, but little to no makeup and messy hair at school.

can you tell i like polka dots? i don't know exactly why i wore this when thinking of british, but i do know i bought this dress because it was similar to one popular with the british lady bloggers at the time, except theirs was this one from topshop with a black collar and spots, as well as a rised bustline and no sleeves. the dress is from wholesale-dress.net, and i love that site, though i must warn you the quality is always below average. the buttons on this dress are hot glued on. yeah.

while i was shooting my baby b came over and distracted me.

even he's more british than i am! how i envy his little bombay self. so darling though, right? 



  1. Awww your kitty is love, and I adore your whole outfit!

    Polka dots get me all the time, and my closet is chock full of them. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Your new blog header is absolutely fabulous.

    And seriously-- you are so stunning. <3 I love An Education-- it's one of my favorites.

    I apologize that this comment is all over the place. Crazy night over here.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love everything about this outfit!! Yep, I adore polka dots too and the tan and with those shoes and that pendant is perfection. Adorable kitty as well:)

  4. Aklasjflkasjdf. I love this film.
    And your outfit? PERFECT. Right up my alley--you can never have too many polka dots! I am in love with your dress.. Where did you get it?


  5. I love your dress and your shoes! I still haven't seen "An Education" yet, but then again, I didn't get around to watching "Titanic" until 2007, so... xx

  6. adorable outfit and photos <3 your dress and shoes are so cute!! and i love your bag!!

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  8. Wow I absolutely love all your outfits...I want to steal your closet! I also saw an education a few weeks ago..I loved it!

  9. Dearest Kat,
    I agree with you on the quality of this film. However, I believe the take-away message was not to desire to be swept off your feet by a cheating british pig. Our lovely protagonist, Jenny, recieves an EDUCATION (catch my play on words?) from the so-called "glamorous" David Goldman. Her confusion and deception by charm sparked by this man seems like a rape fable (a lesson to skew young school girls away).
    Best wishes,


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