and you, my wayward girl

truly madly deeply rabbit shirt -  Urban Outfitters; $32
Forever 21 super high waisted jeans - Rumors (aka thrifted); $10
cascading chains necklace - H&M; $10
capricorn rhinestone necklace - claire's, from when i was 10; $3
deena & ozzy two-toned brogues/oxfords - Urban Outfitters; $38

i look rather off, and now you can see my new burnt-red hair, too.

get ready, lengthy post.

this would be my first outfit post, because i now have a tripod. i finally braved the post-christmas sales yesterday, about a week late, huh? but i got the oxfords and the bunny shirt at Urban Outfitters, along with a dress on sale, and the comfiest sweater that has ever been in existence. i also got this adorable peach skirt at H&M. i got other non-clothing things too, like periwinkle and peach polish, and a blue ceramic piggy bank. i decided i needed to spend money on a cute little bank to save money.

my three follow friday picks for today would be:

1) Claire from Jazzpad

2) Becky-May from The Flower Girl

3) Lyzi from being little

they all do outfit posts, but each one also does a fair share of inspiration and genuine thoughts. Claire does a little of everything, Becky-May is mainly vintage findings and things from their up-and-coming shop, and Lyzi is very thoughtful. Her blog is just a blog. she states it's not an art blog, or a fashion blog, it just has both things in it. A lovely read.

I really am partial to blogs with content, not just pictures. But i do really love pictures. You can bet most of the ladies (and gentlemen) i pick on fridays will have thoughts, not just photos unless it's a photography blog, i.e. Color Me Katie.


Anyways, as i'm sure you've noticed, it's New Years Eve. And i couldn't be happier. 2010 wasn't bad, per say. It could've been better.. couldn't have really been much worse, but whatever. I'm a cynic and a pessimist, you can't look to me for an unopionated commentary. But without further ado, here's the cliche post about resolutions:

1) acquire something gorgeous at least once a week.
I have a lot of things, but not nearly enough gorgeous things.  I want more. It doesn't even need to be expensive, just nice. for example, i'd consider this week's grand purchase to be the oxfords at the top of this post.
nostalgia//† pixie me †

2) fix the pile of broken jewelry on my dresser.

3) leave a better impression on people.
My Photos - Profile PicturesLive a century or a day, but learn to live.

4) stop being such a hermit.
▲ You should knowmje photography

5) eat better & lose a few pounds.

6) fall in love. i'm a romantic at heart, and even though i'm young.. i'm too impatient. i just love the feeling of being so captivating and having a person stronger than you to protect you and help you whenever you're not well. it's another cliche, sorry, i'm full of them. but i consider myself a volatile person, and i just want a person to understand and hug me and tell me it's going to be okay. and not my mother or a friend. deeper than that. i want romance and roses. the ups and downs, the hate and the love.
ThoseSillyBohemians on XangaT H E M E D I A R Y . C O M, tumblr themes, cute tumblr themes, funny graphics, tumblr graphics, pinoy jokes, pinoy graphics, tagalog quotes, love quotes, jokes, funny pictures, tumblr layouts, pink tumblr layouts, blue tumblr layouts, paramore tumblr layFuck this s*itPhotographe de mariage américaine | Blog mariage, Mariage original, pacs,déco

7) be a classy lady. self explanatory.
marronieBetty Grable a eterna pinup | bocaberta.org

8) actually TRY in school.

9) become a ballerina. i want to take up the ballet lessons again. 
This Female Form, theantidote: source unknowncant help myself

10) stop making bad jokes.

that's pretty much it. see how good i am at making lists? well, what about you all? what are your resolutions?
and i've hit 20 followers. which, for me, is pretty darn awesome. thanks to all the new followers. <3 

first photo is mine, photos of the bloggers belong to each, respectively, and the rest are weheartit snaps. 


  1. Can I just say that I adore you? Seriously, your resolution list had me nodding in agreement over here. Plus, I just love your haircolor and this lovely outfit. Ten points for the tripod-- I remember how hardcore I felt once I'd gotten mine. Kind of like I was finally a "real" blogger! Now that I've misplaced the thing that attaches the camera to the tripod, I'm lost!

    I hope you have a truly wonderful New Year!

  2. ilike this post, very much so.

  3. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excuse me, do I spy CAT EARS????

    I love you. You are brilliant.

  4. What a cute blog & I love this post! :)

    Christine @ http://fancifulvision.blogspot.com

  5. Happy 2011! Love all the blogs you mentioned :)


  6. I like your new years resolutions. I started ballet for the first time a year ago and I really love it.
    When did you do ballet?

    Your purchases look lovely too!

    Happy new year!

  7. but....you have no pounds to lose!!!

  8. Thank you for the lovely comment, without sounding sappy your blog's right up my street so I'm glad you followed me so I could happily do the same :)
    I adore that outfit, you look so cute! And your resolutions list reminded me to fix my broken jewellery. Please don't stop making bad jokes, I'm forever making them and I think I'm hilarious for doing so :')

    Jess xx

  9. You're beautiful, love the hair! Thanks so much for your sweet words


  10. Oh I want to be a ballerina too! They dance so beautiful! Happy New Year!

  11. Fun post! Congrats on the new camera/tripod. Don't give up on bad jokes. I love bad jokes.

    Happy New Year! luckynumber3.com


  12. Cool blog, Mine would be to be a better/artistic person. So to be more loving and draw and write more. :) I like your list!

  13. Beautiful :))))))



  14. Hahah your blog and this post are so cute.. Im curious to see more! Its amazing. Oh and of course a fab 2011!

  15. I LOVE number 7! And I adore your new hair. How is it being a red head? :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment, and yes you may ask me to do anything! You're welcome to contact me at my email: evilmuffinbam@gmail.com.

  16. Love your brogues. Happy New Year- hope you keep your resolutions! x

  17. Jenny must be very pretty, then, eh! (Jokes. I am not really arrogant, I just think it is funny to pretend to be <3 )

  18. I'm a big fan of Claire and Lyzi (: Cute photograph of you by the way! I liked reading your goals for the new year. I'm posting 101 of mine soon so it's been refreshing to read other peoples. I hope 2011 is kind to you. I really like your blog so I'm totally gunna follow you (:

  19. Nice brogues!!! Your amazing!

    Nice rabbit shirt!

  20. I hope you know that you are the CUTEST girl in the entire world! asldfjaskdfj!

    I love your resolutions as well. I, too, would like to be a classy lady!

  21. I think Ive found a new favourite blog :) following!
    I love your resolutions and good luck with them :)

  22. i love your lists very entertaining!
    I'm following you now, hope you will come visit me soon ?


    xoxo summer

  23. i love those oxford, definitly a goergous thing you acquired! i love the way you write a lot, i usually have a hard time keeping up with big writing blogs , but i dont think ill get this with yours! congrats for the followers, and you've just earned another one! xxx

  24. YOu look amazing :))) This is an awesome post, I loved reading it :)))

    Stop by my blog if you find the time - comments&followers much appreciated <3

  25. I am sooooo in love with this post as well as with the Urban Outfitters t-shirt. Love the looks. Hey, what brand is that balmie, is it Philosophy? It's awfully cute; I don't buy it about your hair, it looks smashing:)

  26. thank yu for featuring me :) i'm very flattered! your new years resolutions are terrific! good luck with the ballet :)



    The Flower Girl


  27. So you need to put a subscribe to email button on your blog mmk? haha because I adore your blog but I always forget to check it because I never have time to get on my blogger (where I currently follow you). So ya, you should do that. :)
    And as a side note, those oxfords are AMAZING.

  28. By the way, don't think I'm forcing you or anything. haha just do it if you want. :) I reread my comment and realized I was being rather forceful so sorry about that!

  29. Thank you for your comment !
    Really love these pictures (:

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  31. K I apologize for making like a bajillion comments on your blog lately but just bare with me for one more! I just barely read the comment you left for me about us being similar and I just have to say that if that is true then that totally would make my day. Because I completely admire you and think you are just lovely and so inspirational. Though I very much disagree with you saying I'm prettier, but I AM totally flattered that you would say we're alike. What a compliment!


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