PHOTOS: an artistic day in d.c.

as the title suggests, i spent yesterday in our nation's capital. it's a pretty grand city; the perfect mix of urban cityscape with lots of culture and wildlife (and by that i mean the extremely fat squirrels. they'
re so chubby and tame!). i visited 3 different art museums, the Hirshhorn, the Portrait Gallery, and another i cannot remember for the life of me. but the point is, i left D.C. feeling so inspired.

Is it sad that whenever i looked at a painting, the first thing i noticed were the clothes?

Even the ceiling of the museum is beautiful.
look at these dresses and tell me you don't want one.

horrible glare from my point&shoot's stupid flash. but look at the bow.. look at the ruffles! *dies of joy*
 my favorite modern piece from the hirshhorn. there's something i love about it. 
 tunnel of blinking lights, and then shadows would flicker across it.. it's really nice and a little seizure provoking.

on to the white house!

 they had dazzling chandeliers. more than one in every room.

tomorrow i might begin to be productive. i hope to make a few le sac dresses for gifts (and one for myself, too haha), and maybe a skirt tutorial. we'll see! Sorry for so many random photo posts and no outfit posts.. just a few more days til that tripod -- hopefully!


Oh, and two to follow most definitely: svenja and emily of MissionVintage. i made them a (rather crummy, not my best, i'm sorry!) banner, and they asked if i'd like to do some publicity. i would! they're pretty great. AND they're not paying me to say that, so you know it's true! 

They would also be my first 'few to follow'. I know it's hardly original, but i've discovered so many beloved blogs via other people's few-to-follow lists so why not give it a go?



  1. I absolutely adore DC! I was there for a semester working at the Mexican Embassy and I fell in love. I'm trying to find reasons to go back, your pictures might have done the trick. =]

  2. You are my kind of woman! I love both old movies and musicals so you have been VERY helpful, thanks! Also if you haven't seen Bye Bye Birdie you neeed to see it! It's a musical and an old movie so I bet you'd like it.

  3. Thanks for following! I want to visit DC, I could stay in a museum for days and be so content!


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    your blog is great! Please have a look at my fashion blog too. Pretty Portobello blog.

    See you soon.x

  5. great post! i love all these pictures




  6. Thank you for your comment! I love D.C. I've been there like a gazillion times! I also love how artists combined art and fashion and made every little detail on every painting glamorous! Thanks for a very astonishing and inspiring post!



    by the way I'm following you and am not regretting it, I love your blog!

  7. Haha I know I just commented on this post but I have to reply to your comment! You are the sweetest! Yeah not many people look at my blog. I guess because I haven't had it for long and my friends aren't into blogging. I love your blog so much! I am so grateful that you are going to spread the word about my blog and I will definitly do the same for you! Oh and yeah I didn't see the need supply co. thing from you I saw an ad on lookbook.nu



    thanks again!

  8. D.C.'s museums rock ! Pity they close at 5! I wish I could go once more, cause during my first visit I wished I had more feet :) You have a lovely blog here :)

  9. I've never been to your capital, been to NY a handful of times which I adore, but never managed to find a spare few days to sightsee further north. Some really good incentives for me to go though, looking at your snaps! Hope you had a lovely time! :) jazzy ♥

  10. Lovely blog, so glad I stumbled upon it (:


  11. Such beautiful art! Your blog is lovely :-)

    Happy Happy New Year!



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