i want a hippopotamus for christmas

the title would be my 2nd favorite holiday song. the first is the island of misfit toys from rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

i dislike christmas. for purely selfish reasons. i never enjoy what i'm  given -- and before you scoff and think about what a bad person i am.. just think: it's always a true reflection of how much my family/'friends' know and care about me. it sounds so ungrateful, i know. and it is i guess. there's just something about 'here you go, some body wash from bath and body works!' or 'here's a lovely book of optical illusions!' that bothers me.. it's not the price; it's certainly not the price. i tend to favor things the *happen* to be rather expensive, but that doesn't mean i want them as gifts. i mean, i do, but i don't. do you know what i mean? and i always opt for cash, just because i feel like then i put it to good use in buying something i want and will use. i feel wretched when i just can't appreciate a gift.

this makes no sense at all, does it? oh well. but the thing about being an only child in a kind of defunct family is that i have this network of amazing friends instead of extended family or siblings.. my friends buy me little $3 gifts from the dollar store like candy or jokes that go with inside gifts, or even the $1 nailpolish from the walmart up the street. and i love it. they know i appreciate them. they know i will use it. i can't help but be incredibly grateful for my friends. i'm so affectionate towards them all, i think it scares them, but it's because i don't have the typical family. i opt to not have the typical family. i could if i really wanted to but.. i'd rather not. you can't pick your family. i'd rather hand-select my security blanket network; those people who know me inside and out and genuinely care and are just so ... great. and for the 2 or so who know about my little blog... thank you. ♥

well, if you actually read all that blubber, thanks. 

on a more happy (?) note, here is what i genuinely want for christmas. besides a hippopotamus.

1) a tripod. i need one badly. i hope i get one very much... then i can do outfit posts! blergh. i hate when i wake up in the morning, put on a great outfit, say OH MY GOD, OUTFIT POST! and then it's like... oh. how the fuck would i do this?

2) a dress form. lord knows i can't fit one in my room (which houses 2 dressers, a bookshelf, a bed, my sewing table/craft center, and is about 10 square feet. meh.) but i want one badly. that way, i could do outfit posts WITHOUT a tripod, just by using the dress form, i could plan outfits on it, make cute fabric slips for it, and, of course, help pin & sew things on it. the largest trouble with a dress form for me would be getting one in my size; i'm a double zero (gaining weight though, eeeek)

3) a fire extinguisher. this is probably the weirdest thing i've ever wanted for christmas.. but, i really want to have a wall-e moment. just play with it in the back yard. it'd be the funnest thing ever. and would make for great pictures.
4) a holga camera. a cheap, fantastic camera. entirely plastic, with vignette and just amazing colours. i want one sooooooooo badly.
Babycakes by ~blah-itsyou

5) a fish eye lens for said holga. pretty self explanatory.
60 Interesting Lomo Fisheye Shots | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

6) viva glam cyndi. i wanted viva glam gaga when i was blonde (about a week ago, haha) but now that i'm a burnt-redhead, i'd prefer to go with a striking red.

A Girls Favourite Things... by ~Spongy-Kid on deviantART

7) some scented candles. i really really love candles. scented ones are the best though - i love fruity ones. like pineapple or mango or something like that. i'm weird: i like different scents depending on the season -- fruity in the summer, spices like vanilla or cinnamon in the winter, crisp apples in the fall, and florals in the spring. which makes sense i guess.

8) japan. i just want it all. i'm such a nerd; i watch so much anime. well, at least i used to. don't have the time anymore.. but i speak a little, and they are my favorite fashion inspiration. if you read my store post, i mentioned japan and linked to japanese streets. it's a street fashion site based in tokyo (i think) and it's just grand. 

9) anything audrey hepburn
Pretty Girly Thingsmoon unit

10) to be lady gaga. i'm agnostic but... she is god. i swear by it.
gaga | Tumblr

11) this.
Katie Thompsons Recycled Furniture | TrendLand: Fashion Blog _ Trend Magazine

12) to go to a wedding. a good wedding, out in nebraska or south dakota. rustic and gorgeous. simplistic but beautiful. 
heart of lightVictorias Vintage ♥

13) self confidence. i don't have nearly enough of this.
johnnys bird

14) a max costume. i'd wear it everyday for a week.
people always leave.

15) and lastly.. i just want to escape. escape myself, escape this town, just escape. and do it with some damn class and style. almost that i'd-rather-die-than-continue-with-this-treachery feeling. it's not that i have a hard life, it's just not comfortable, per say. i'd prefer a different lifestyle, other people's problems instead of my own, waking up in the morning and worrying about my hair or my nails as if it's the most prominent problem i have. no cares and no worries. and that sounds cliche but... if you knew me, you'd know it's not asking for much at all. 

that's it. it's a lot, and i won't get most of it, but if i couldn't dream, i'd surely die.

(i don't own any of these pictures)


  1. What an original list! I hope at least some of these wishes come true! :)

  2. Aweee, this is such a sweet post!!~ That chair with the open suitcase is so neat!~

  3. This is a nice post. no worries, things always turn around. I hope you get some (or all :)) of what you wish for.

  4. I guess christmas can be very frustrating if you don't get what you want.. I love your list though, it's unique. I want a hippopotamus for christmas is one of the best songs ever haha xx


  5. I'm with you on the dress form. Need one of those BADLY.
    I also would very much like that suitcase in your last picture. So amazing!
    Also, if you happen to get a fire extinguisher I am SO coming to the Wall-E party. Sound good? K awesome.


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