spring thingys for fall

No DIY project this week. *tear* I made the nautical knotted headbands... but they kind of failed. I'm nowhere as smart as i think i am! But oh well. I DO promise a DIY Friday this week, and it will either be chiffon flowers, $3 cameo necklace, or a romper. I found this knit i want to make into a romper really really bad.

So, today's (yesterday's) Steal of the week: Goody's Spin Pin!
(I call them spring thingys because that is what they look like. They're kinda cool.)
Pros: ~$6, WORKS.
Cons: Not great if you have thin/short hair.

I bought them in blonde, which is stupid since i don't really plan on being blonde for more than a year hah! But anyways, you don't even need a ponytail holder. You twist your hair, twist it more into a bun shaped thing, and then screw them in. Literally. You twist them down into the bun. One from the top, one from the bottom, and you're done. It's so easy.
I know I'm not the best at explaining things, so here's a video. I'm not going to make a video showing you because they work in my hair, but since Suzy (hairstylist) thinned me out, you can see the pins protruding.
P.S., I have like $40 of spending money now. I'm hitting the vintage store next weekend. Yum, 30's goodness.



  1. OMG, I absolutely love these! I bought some years and years ago, then they stopped selling them, so I ended up spending absolutely ages searching for them online, before finally finding some on eBay last year (and buying about a dozen of them!). Now, of course, they seem to be available everywhere, which makes me really happy, because they're the only thing I can use in my hair - everything else just seems to slide out, but these will hold it in place for as long as I want them to: love!


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