It's time for another: Steal of the week! A lovely title i, ahem, borrowed from the fabulous Carly at Chic Steals.
Today's product: Remington's Patterned Hair Dryers!
Cute in a wonderfully tacky way, no?
Pros: Lightweight, only $20, adorable and comes in many different patterns, has a nice amount of settings.
Cons: Like last week, I don't have any!
My new favorite hairdryer. It's as simple as that. I'm also not into animal prints, but they are supposedly in this fall too! We'll see.

Another new follower -- thanks 'kate'! Nice name, spelled like Kat with an 'e'! ♥

I've had a hectic school week. The first week of my new school was.... interesting. I really like it though, i just have NO time during the week.

Therefore, i will re-stock at Michael's and Jo-Ann's tomorrow, get a few things, and make the Comme des Garcons, and try to do this Japanese brand justice. I will also be making the shirts even cuter though.

I promise, more posts tomorrow!

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