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it's time for another installment of follow friday! the most recent follow friday before this was last august... so, I decided to have another one! I'm never shy about declaring my love for this city and it's oh-so-chic people, so this installment is focused on some local blogging talent from right here in Richmond. so, today, here are three lovely local bloggers:

Brian McDaniel of Dirty Richmond
Brian is like Richmond fashion royalty. Dirty Richmond ("where the city is dirty but the people are not") is Richmond's own resident street style blog. it is the dream of all fashionistas and trendy peoples alike in Richmond to get on Dirty Richmond, and it is really a great street style blog. he photographs people of all ages for Dirty Richmond, too!  Brian also promotes a lot of local artists and designers as well as covering events. 

Larissa Wisniewski of RVA Fashion Girl
Larissa's blog is a newer one, only started very recently, but Larissa has been behind-the-scenes in all things pertaining to Richmond fashion. she is the creator of From the Runway to RVA (currently under construction), co-created the RVA Fashion Bloggers group, and works at one of Richmond's favorite fashion boutiques, Phoenix. she's really done a lot of work, but it shows, as she has headed a part of the Richmond fashion movement, and that within itself is quite an accomplishment. and if that weren't enough, she's also pretty stylish to boot. not to mention she has these sunglasses I'm mad for. 

you can also follow Larissa on her tumblr as well as blogger, and check up on From the Runway to RVA soon!

Leney Breeden of A Girl Named Leney
Leney is, in short, a doll. she is a real sweetheart. on top of that, she makes and sells jewelry. her blog is less devoted to fashion than the other two and more devoted to life in general, but even in her non-fashion posts you can see her style seep through - and what a lovely bohemian style it is. her blog is a very happy one, and can instantly cheer you up. besides blogging, Leney runs an etsy, writes and photographs for From the Runway to RVA, and works for herself at Leney Breeden Photography. 

*** ALL images belong to their respective bloggers. I am no thief.***


  1. Kat, you are such a sweetheart:) Thanks so much for the shout out and kind words.
    Hope to run into you again sometime soon!

    <3 Leney

    1. Featuring this post on my friday favorites yesteray because I just love it that much. ;)

      <3 Leney

  2. You always introduce me to some lovely ladies. x

  3. KAT KAT KAT KAT. Hey, girl. I haven't blogged in FOREVER. And I was looking through some old posts. And I saw your comments and I realized how long it has been since I have read your blog or even just talked to you at all. I hope all is well with you. You're beautiful.


  4. You are too sweet <3 Thanks for the love, I love following your blog as well!!!


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