dip dye diy

so here's something I haven't done in forever : a diy! today's diy is super simple, and honestly i love the outcome so much.
ombre has been big for a while now - from hair to clothing to anything in between. so many bloggers have done the ombre diy, and after lusting after an ombre shirt i decided i'd make one for about $3.

you need:
a shirt in the color and style of your choosing; some fabric dye, a bucket

i personally used a thrifted white collared shirt and black rit dye. my advice to you upon doing this diy is to use a cotton shirt, as cotton retains dye much better than others. do not use polyester, or it will not be very strong. since I was going for gray, i didn't care that my shirt was polyester, but just be warned if you want a really contrasting, bold color it won't really work with polyester. trust me. if you want to do denim, rit dye makes dye specifically for denim.

1)gather your dye, shirt, and a bucket. I used a white collared shirt that I got for $1 at a thrift store.

2) mix your dye according to the directions - usually there will be something to mix it with like vinegar or salt and water, etc.
3) dip dye! you may be able to just put the base of the shirt in the bucket and let the dye seep upwards, but if you can't, just dip the part of the shirt you want dyed into the dye over and over. this way you can control how high you want the ombre to be. dip to the highest point you want it to be first, then gradually dip lower and lower, so the color is darker at the base and lighter upwards. 

4) rinse your shirt in cold water until the water runs clear.
5) hang dry.
6) wear it!

super simple stuff. this picture isn't super good because it makes the whole ombre look really faded - it's more contrasting in person. because my favorite color is gray,  I made a gray shirt. also the whole shirt is a little gray now because i accidentally without thinking put this shirt in the wash after dyeing it. oops. you should probably get it dry cleaned, hand wash, or just wait a little longer before washing it on cold. but I love gray so I don't care. I've already worn this shirt like six times.

go ombre all of your clothing now.


  1. I love how it's come out, looks pretty darn simple too :)

  2. This looks really lovely, The D.I.Y was super helpful and i might have to give this a go myself!
    I just stumbled upon your blog, its really great! Beautiful pictures and interesting posts, i could read this alllll day!
    I am now following you :)


  3. Love this DIY you did =O it actually looks really good in comparison to some others ive seen GREAT JOB!


  4. Oh my gosh what? Kat you're amazing! Dying intimidates the crap out of me so I have to say I'm jealous of your skills. I'm reaaally loving the ombré though so I think I'll give this a try regardless. Yours turned out beautifully!
    I don't think it looks all gray either by the way. I actually like how the top is a bit off-white. I'm seriously dying that you made this yourself, it looks perfect!

  5. ooh the dip dye came out really good!! :D the gradient is perfect!!! :D


  6. This looks amazing!! You did such a good job, I am so in love with that top!

  7. You are the sweetest and kindest and I always love your comments on my blog, they make my day:)
    Please blog more.

    Oh and this DIY is sweet;)

    <3 Leney

  8. Amazing DIY! I am planning on doing something similar to a maxi dress that I thrifted last weekend :)


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