some like it hot

bandeau - american apparel; blouse - thrifted; shorts - thrifted; bag - thrifted; shoes - jeffrey campbell; necklace - thrifted

i was getting awfully tired of that old brick wall, weren't you? so whilst out and about, we went to hunt for a new, interesting background. ...and that failed, so we walked over to the church of science and climbed up their stairs to reach these lovely red doors. pretty riveting, huh? 
anywho, it's pretty damn hot in richmond. i love it here so much i do but it is too hot and humid! the things i do for this city.. besides that, i'm not doing very much. although, i do have some posts and other fun things in store. i've been slacking off on the blogging, and while i was flipping through old posts a while back i realized how little was actually on here! i imagine that i document a lot more than i do. with that said, i'm going to start doing it more, especially since i have the time. not like i have a job or anything - although you can't say i haven't tried! no one wants to hire a kid. 

thank gwyneth for today's shots! isn't she a doll? she dislikes having her picture taken just as much as i do though, so pictures of her are hard to take. which is stupid, considering the sheer beauty of her face.

there'll be much more around here soon, i promise!


  1. I like the red door background :) I often find it hard to find something cool to pose in front of. Loving the boots <3

  2. I could never get tired of that brick wall so long as your beautiful face is in front of it. LOVE your JC shoes. I've wanted a pair forever.

  3. i love that red door. i always find it fun to find new places to take photos even if it can be a bit challenging - and love those boots!


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