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about a week ago I was involved in the 48 Hour Film Project. it's an international festival where film-making groups get together and write, shoot, and produce a short film in under 48 hours. you are assigned a genre, and all groups have to work the same character, line, and prop into their films. our character was Adam Nicholson, door-to-door salesman, our  prop was a flashlight, and our line was "Why am I always first?".
a friend asked me to join her group as the artistic director. I did the hair, makeup, and costume design for the film, as well as some of the cinematography! it was actually more fun than I had expected.
we were given the silent film genre, and naturally I was very excited. I got to transform our lead, a fantastic actress named Helena, into a flapper, all set to the music of one of my favorite singers, 1920s darling Annette Hanshaw. I went all out, giving her the full twenties makeover, complete with faux finger waves.
the films all screened this weekend at the Byrd, a favorite Richmond hangout. the Byrd is this giant antique theater from 1928, and is almost unchanged in appearance. it's really beautiful inside, chandeliers and red-velvet curtains and all. it was an honor enough to have our little homemade film be shown there.
this short was in no way a real serious competitor for the $5000 prize and film deal, but we had a lot of fun and I loved getting to show what I think I do best. and for that, here's our little film! I hope you all like it. if anything, I think it's really cute. enjoy!



  1. oh my sweet jesus. I had no idea you had this blog. can I be you yet?

    also, Helena looks simply marvelous. gorgeous work! (and Hector is adorbs, haha.) love how you styled all the hair and makeup here.

  2. Great photos!

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