perfectly marvelous

dress -  loft; tights (not shown) - capezio; black patent heels (not shown) - zara

hello again! I'm sorry I've been away again. I spent a while down in Charleston, SC. with all my recent travel I'm beginning to feel like an international woman of mystery. anywho, not much else has been going on. this dress is pretty  new, and it is so perfectly mod. I call it my Twiggy dress. this outfit is an homage to Twiggy, really. even my makeup - blue eyeshadow with thick lashes and thick eyeliner, and light orangey lipstick. you can't see my makeup very well, my apologies.


not much news at the moment, but I may be doing a full shoot with a photographer friend very soon!



  1. Your dress is beautiful, so elegant and chic. You wouldn't look out of place walking down the road with Audrey and Twiggy!

  2. I love the Twiggy style :). And so jealous of you traveling so much!


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