art g40 part 1

About two months back, the Art g40 Summit hit RVA. Hard. It was phenomenal. With it came the mural project, which has now been completed. Several murals now cover Richmond, and so Saturday, with a few spare hours, I decided to go mural hunting. Now, these are not all of the murals, they are the ones I had easier access to as I was downtown. But regardless of that, they are still amazing. Just know there are even more. This is less than half, but I'll be sure to find the rest!

JAZ - 212 W Broad St
LELO - 414 W Broad St
ROA - 1501 W Main St
ARYZ - 1506 W Main St
ANGRY WOEBOTS - 311 W Broad St (on the side of Quirk Gallery)
SCRIBE - 315 W Broad St (across the wall from ANGRY WOEBOTS at Quirk)
JAZ - 309 N Laurel St (back of Nile Ethiopian Restaurant)


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  1. I've been loving these murals too and was thinking about doing my pwn round up of them! I like yours though:) Featured it in my Friday favorite's post yesterday:) Hope you don't mind!

    <3 Leney



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