staunton, va

I've spent the last few days in one of the cutest towns in the country: Staunton. I do love Staunton, it's so small but it's so cute. You can cover the whole town in a little over an hour. It's a bit touristy now, but still fun. Though it's so small, there's really plenty to do.  

 1 - downtown Staunton; 2 - some lovely architecture near the famous train station; 3 - an amazing Hugh Laurie/Dr. House stencil; 4 - a pretty little barren vineyard; 5 - a snazzy hotride; 6 - my temporary place of residence; 7 - various pretty bits and pieces at the local junk store; 8 - a  fantastic Dr. Frankenfurter ducky;  9 - an advice-giving pegasus; 10 - beautiful tilework on one of the 2 cinemas in town; 11 - a truly magnificent doorknob


  1. Cute town. Great shots.
    Love the detail.

    A House stencil?

  2. I'd really like to go there and I love your photos!


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