and you, my wayward girl

truly madly deeply rabbit shirt -  Urban Outfitters; $32
Forever 21 super high waisted jeans - Rumors (aka thrifted); $10
cascading chains necklace - H&M; $10
capricorn rhinestone necklace - claire's, from when i was 10; $3
deena & ozzy two-toned brogues/oxfords - Urban Outfitters; $38

i look rather off, and now you can see my new burnt-red hair, too.

get ready, lengthy post.

this would be my first outfit post, because i now have a tripod. i finally braved the post-christmas sales yesterday, about a week late, huh? but i got the oxfords and the bunny shirt at Urban Outfitters, along with a dress on sale, and the comfiest sweater that has ever been in existence. i also got this adorable peach skirt at H&M. i got other non-clothing things too, like periwinkle and peach polish, and a blue ceramic piggy bank. i decided i needed to spend money on a cute little bank to save money.

my three follow friday picks for today would be:

1) Claire from Jazzpad

2) Becky-May from The Flower Girl

3) Lyzi from being little

they all do outfit posts, but each one also does a fair share of inspiration and genuine thoughts. Claire does a little of everything, Becky-May is mainly vintage findings and things from their up-and-coming shop, and Lyzi is very thoughtful. Her blog is just a blog. she states it's not an art blog, or a fashion blog, it just has both things in it. A lovely read.

I really am partial to blogs with content, not just pictures. But i do really love pictures. You can bet most of the ladies (and gentlemen) i pick on fridays will have thoughts, not just photos unless it's a photography blog, i.e. Color Me Katie.


Anyways, as i'm sure you've noticed, it's New Years Eve. And i couldn't be happier. 2010 wasn't bad, per say. It could've been better.. couldn't have really been much worse, but whatever. I'm a cynic and a pessimist, you can't look to me for an unopionated commentary. But without further ado, here's the cliche post about resolutions:

1) acquire something gorgeous at least once a week.
I have a lot of things, but not nearly enough gorgeous things.  I want more. It doesn't even need to be expensive, just nice. for example, i'd consider this week's grand purchase to be the oxfords at the top of this post.
nostalgia//† pixie me †

2) fix the pile of broken jewelry on my dresser.

3) leave a better impression on people.
My Photos - Profile PicturesLive a century or a day, but learn to live.

4) stop being such a hermit.
▲ You should knowmje photography

5) eat better & lose a few pounds.

6) fall in love. i'm a romantic at heart, and even though i'm young.. i'm too impatient. i just love the feeling of being so captivating and having a person stronger than you to protect you and help you whenever you're not well. it's another cliche, sorry, i'm full of them. but i consider myself a volatile person, and i just want a person to understand and hug me and tell me it's going to be okay. and not my mother or a friend. deeper than that. i want romance and roses. the ups and downs, the hate and the love.
ThoseSillyBohemians on XangaT H E M E D I A R Y . C O M, tumblr themes, cute tumblr themes, funny graphics, tumblr graphics, pinoy jokes, pinoy graphics, tagalog quotes, love quotes, jokes, funny pictures, tumblr layouts, pink tumblr layouts, blue tumblr layouts, paramore tumblr layFuck this s*itPhotographe de mariage américaine | Blog mariage, Mariage original, pacs,déco

7) be a classy lady. self explanatory.
marronieBetty Grable a eterna pinup | bocaberta.org

8) actually TRY in school.

9) become a ballerina. i want to take up the ballet lessons again. 
This Female Form, theantidote: source unknowncant help myself

10) stop making bad jokes.

that's pretty much it. see how good i am at making lists? well, what about you all? what are your resolutions?
and i've hit 20 followers. which, for me, is pretty darn awesome. thanks to all the new followers. <3 

first photo is mine, photos of the bloggers belong to each, respectively, and the rest are weheartit snaps. 


don't go naked, bisous mon amour;, laughing with broken eyes

meami love
It's friday! What could that possibly mean? It means i am way too unoriginal to come up with anything besides Follow Friday, which is a pretty droll and universally done thing. oh well, gotta get your inspiration from somewhere, right? I have 3 lovely ladies for you today:

* Porhildur of Don't go naked. She is this sweet Icelandic girl who leaves me the nicest comments. The dear posts regularly, maybe once or twice a day, and is a great one to go to for inspiration. She scours the internet and finds the cutest things, the best photos, and the best makeup/style ideas. 

(her banner)

* Cassidy of bisous mon amour; cupcakes for petit dejeuner. She. Is. My. Favorite. My favorite blog to read and look at, hands down. She takes the prettiest and most interestingly heart wrenching photos, and can compile photos from other sites into a giant scrapbook of beautiful. I can't think of another way to describe it. She, also, is an incredibly nice person, and writes well to boot. Her about me section says 'I just want to be lovely.' Mission accomplished.


* Amber Rose of Laughing with broken eyes. She has the best clothes. I swear by it. She delivers lovely quotes, thoughts, and pictures along with her outfit posts. She recently (as in, yesterday) started to follow me. Which was for me, a monumental occasion. If there's one person i really aspire to be like, it's her. She's just a wholesome person, i can tell. 

I had an amazing dream last night, that i got my January Vogue (which, i have yet to receive because i need to renew my subscription) and it came with a bag full of Lola by Marc Jacobs, other wonderful beauty products including 2 other perfumes and lotions, 3 fantastic brooches, some necklaces straight out of the Anthropologie catalogue, and some shoes. Some victorian lace up shoes. That i have craved for ages. I was so excited, i could do a fantastic blog post about all my goodies, and it'd be great!
extra extra extra ordinaryLa Vida en RosaTake Me Vintage Shopping...%u2112%u2134%u0475%u212F

..Then i woke up.

Merry Christmas Eve, and all that jazz. 


how can you read this? there's no pictures.

What's my perfect winter day? Well, it's happening right now. Let me tell you all about it:

1) wake up with aching teeth (braces tightened yesterday, blergh.) i wish i could wear braces in a nice fashion.
were inevitable.
(look, he has braces! squee!)

2) cook yourself up some coconut curry rice in the microwave.. delicious.
śĦeℓℓỴ :]
3) listen to the gypsy soundtrack on loop for hours while reading lots of blog material (obviously not mine since i hardly post) 
Flickr: Luminous Lus Photostream

4) watch beauty & the beast; my favorite animated movie.
lets drink coffee in teacups
this is an odd combination. that's me: odd.

"I suppose you're wondering what I'm doing, working at a place like the Kit Kat Club.

'Well, it is a rather unusual place.'

That's me, darling. Unusual places, unusual love affairs. I am a most strange and extraordinary person."

one of my favorite quotes, from one of my favorite movies.. Cabaret.
Red Moon Gypsy Cabaret by Diver and Aguilar | Impress on mePencil This In - GothamistJosephine Baker with Her Leopard, c.1930-32 sur Flickr&Acirc;&nbsp;: partage de photos&Acirc;&nbsp;!

Do you know how odd i truly am? i doubt it. all thirteen of you have no idea. I dream of fashion merchandising in New York or Chicago or San Francisco or DC but what's the real fantasy? Cabaret. Dancer, singer, i'll take what i get. Burlesque style and flappers and just the class and sexuality oozing from it all.. it's so odd. but i want it so bad. weird, isn't it? I just want to sing. didn't know that, did you? that, and to live in the 20's. dear god i want it.

Danielle Shepherd Fashion Illustration

just a quick post today. still yearning for the tripod. i don't know what will happen here without it.
(none of my pictures)


PHOTOS: an artistic day in d.c.

as the title suggests, i spent yesterday in our nation's capital. it's a pretty grand city; the perfect mix of urban cityscape with lots of culture and wildlife (and by that i mean the extremely fat squirrels. they'
re so chubby and tame!). i visited 3 different art museums, the Hirshhorn, the Portrait Gallery, and another i cannot remember for the life of me. but the point is, i left D.C. feeling so inspired.

Is it sad that whenever i looked at a painting, the first thing i noticed were the clothes?

Even the ceiling of the museum is beautiful.
look at these dresses and tell me you don't want one.

horrible glare from my point&shoot's stupid flash. but look at the bow.. look at the ruffles! *dies of joy*
 my favorite modern piece from the hirshhorn. there's something i love about it. 
 tunnel of blinking lights, and then shadows would flicker across it.. it's really nice and a little seizure provoking.

on to the white house!

 they had dazzling chandeliers. more than one in every room.

tomorrow i might begin to be productive. i hope to make a few le sac dresses for gifts (and one for myself, too haha), and maybe a skirt tutorial. we'll see! Sorry for so many random photo posts and no outfit posts.. just a few more days til that tripod -- hopefully!


Oh, and two to follow most definitely: svenja and emily of MissionVintage. i made them a (rather crummy, not my best, i'm sorry!) banner, and they asked if i'd like to do some publicity. i would! they're pretty great. AND they're not paying me to say that, so you know it's true! 

They would also be my first 'few to follow'. I know it's hardly original, but i've discovered so many beloved blogs via other people's few-to-follow lists so why not give it a go?