second product of the week

This weeks product: Soap & Glory's Fab Pore facial peel!
Soap & Glory Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel
Pros: nice small container that can fit ANYWHERE, takes only a few minutes (you can wear it anytime from 2 minutes to 15 minutes), works well.
Cons: little pricey, kind of latexy smell.
Cute, innit? This little tub costs about $15 (available at Target), and it might seem a little pricey for something so small, but everytime you use it, you only use a teeny bit, so it's actually a pretty good deal. Just one dollop cleans out and shrinks your pores, and leaves your skin silky and a nice texture. It says peel, but it's more like a mask. It has these little blue beads, too, that remind me of Biore products.
I've only had it for a few days, but i am in love with it. It's become a staple in my skin regime.

On a craftier note, I will be restocking at Jo-Ann's tomorrow, so I will have up some new wonderful projects soon! Expect the knotted headbands, some chiffony things, maybe a dress, a skirt, who knows!


modern loves

I really love this new 'modern loves' collection from Anthropologie.

Oh wait, no i don't. I love the display. Something about the cheap packaging supplies paired with $100+ pieces of jewelry makes me fawn over them. Anthropologie never fails to give a lovely display. I kind of want these to hang as art in my home - isn't it sad?

Can't stop listening to Regina Spektor, working on condensing the September issue of Vogue for you, all 726 pages. And guess how many pages are ads? Probably about 700.


loop scarf

Well first of all, i just want to state that i now have 2 followers. Woo! This might be a small accomplishment, but because I gained a random follower who in no way knows me or is a friend, i feel extremely proud and mildly relieved. If at least one person cares to read, then i will supply the reading! Well thanks Jocelyn - she has a lovely blog called Always Spread Love - for appreciating my budding (if underdeveloped) blog. It means tons to me ♥
She also is giving away some cute clothes and CDs (she has nice taste in both), but back off because the pink plaid dress and the purple dress are going to be mine (once i set up a paypal hah!)

I just finished a 5 minute project: a loop scarf! Another Anthropologie knock off/version/whatever you want to call it! Pretty simplistic - I'm going to try to post in the accessory section of the Ultimate DIY Competition too, so be sure to fave/heart/tweet/whatever.

You need: Some woven fabric and some scissors, a sewing machine, and 5 minutes to spare.

1) Cut a strip of the fabric about as long as you are tall, and anywhere between 4-10 inches tall. Mine ended up being 5 feet long even though i am 5'6" because that's all i had. You can even sew the long sides together, flip inside out, and make a tube, but i didn't feel like it.
2)Since it's woven, you can probably see little pieces of string hanging off everywhere. The fun part: PULL 'EM! Pull them to your heart's content. It creates a nice fringe. I made about an inch of fringe on both sides.
You should get a lovely ball of string -- if you knit, this would be a perfect time to recycle it!
4) Sew the edges together, and flip, and voila! That's all there is to it!



ladder chain necklace

I found this ladder chain armour harness on Etsy one day, and i liked it, but I don't have fifty dollars. I also don't really love the whole armour jewelry craze. So i came up with my own rendition (for about $3) and as promised, here is the ladder chain necklace how to!

You need : 30 inches of thick-linked chain, 70 inches of thin chain, some pliers, jump rings, and whatever kind of clasp/hook you want to use.

1) Cut the 30 inches in half, and use jump rings to attach the clasp to each end.
2) Cut 7 inches of the thin chain, and again, use jump rings to attach each end of the piece to the last links on the thick chain. If you were going to wear it, it would look like a normal whole chain.
3) Count up 5 links on the thick chain, then add another 7 inches of thin chain to it.
4) Repeat, just count up 5, add, count, add, and so on. You can do this as many times as you want, and just decide how high up you want the draping to be. I ended up using ten 7'' chain pieces on my necklace. Enjoy!



Wow, I have one week left of Summer left. Ouch. No more crafting time for me :/ Oh well, let's start positive.

First I'll do my steal(s) of the week!
Old Navy Stock Photo, you can find the shoes here !

Peacock flip flops. The site says $3.50, but i got them at my Old Navy for two dollars.
Pros: Super cute peacock design! They remind me of some peacock Havianas, but they were $25.
Cons: I've heard the design rubs off easily. Mine is fine so far, but be warned. But for $2, who cares?

Sorry the picture is so big. I haven't quite gotten a hold on this whole blogging thing yet. Anyway, Hot Topic stock image, you can find the polish here!

Turquoise Nailpolish, $3. Reminds me of summer skies!
Pros: Smells like kiwi. I don't really understand that, since it isn't brown or green (kiwi colours) but whatever. Nice colour, cute bottle!
Cons: Requires a few layers to get the bright colour.

Lately I've been failing in all my creations. Oops. I did enter my version of the Akela necklace in the Ultimate DIY Contest over at Cut Out and Keep. It's also being organized/judged by the fabulous Carly at Chic Steals. I love her. I don't think it'll win because it's not that fashionable, more cutesy. I entered another necklace though, and it's still being processed. Looks like this:
I'll post a how to up later, and try to transfer some of my tutorials from CO+K over here!

Well get out and live up the rest of your summer! I've spent pretty much everyday this summer inside (the heat here is UNBEARABLE), and even though it's been fun, kind of defies the whole summer thing. Don't follow my bad example.

Much Love,



the first entry

Hello and welcome to my new blog, ac(coudre)ments!

This is the first entry, and I'm just going to explain how things will work around here. I plan on posting regularly each week on Friday, but i will make extra posts whenever i feel like it. My Friday posts will be weekly roundups: if i have finished any new projects, my find of the week (which will be something that i bought that week that is too amazing to miss out on), and just anything generally interesting!
A little about me is available in the aptly named 'about me' section. But otherwise, there isn't much.

Well, I hope to see you around!