ladder chain necklace

I found this ladder chain armour harness on Etsy one day, and i liked it, but I don't have fifty dollars. I also don't really love the whole armour jewelry craze. So i came up with my own rendition (for about $3) and as promised, here is the ladder chain necklace how to!

You need : 30 inches of thick-linked chain, 70 inches of thin chain, some pliers, jump rings, and whatever kind of clasp/hook you want to use.

1) Cut the 30 inches in half, and use jump rings to attach the clasp to each end.
2) Cut 7 inches of the thin chain, and again, use jump rings to attach each end of the piece to the last links on the thick chain. If you were going to wear it, it would look like a normal whole chain.
3) Count up 5 links on the thick chain, then add another 7 inches of thin chain to it.
4) Repeat, just count up 5, add, count, add, and so on. You can do this as many times as you want, and just decide how high up you want the draping to be. I ended up using ten 7'' chain pieces on my necklace. Enjoy!


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