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Well first of all, i just want to state that i now have 2 followers. Woo! This might be a small accomplishment, but because I gained a random follower who in no way knows me or is a friend, i feel extremely proud and mildly relieved. If at least one person cares to read, then i will supply the reading! Well thanks Jocelyn - she has a lovely blog called Always Spread Love - for appreciating my budding (if underdeveloped) blog. It means tons to me ♥
She also is giving away some cute clothes and CDs (she has nice taste in both), but back off because the pink plaid dress and the purple dress are going to be mine (once i set up a paypal hah!)

I just finished a 5 minute project: a loop scarf! Another Anthropologie knock off/version/whatever you want to call it! Pretty simplistic - I'm going to try to post in the accessory section of the Ultimate DIY Competition too, so be sure to fave/heart/tweet/whatever.

You need: Some woven fabric and some scissors, a sewing machine, and 5 minutes to spare.

1) Cut a strip of the fabric about as long as you are tall, and anywhere between 4-10 inches tall. Mine ended up being 5 feet long even though i am 5'6" because that's all i had. You can even sew the long sides together, flip inside out, and make a tube, but i didn't feel like it.
2)Since it's woven, you can probably see little pieces of string hanging off everywhere. The fun part: PULL 'EM! Pull them to your heart's content. It creates a nice fringe. I made about an inch of fringe on both sides.
You should get a lovely ball of string -- if you knit, this would be a perfect time to recycle it!
4) Sew the edges together, and flip, and voila! That's all there is to it!


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  1. Love the scarf.
    Love the blog.
    Can't wait to see more!


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