matchbook magazine

tardy again. but i REFUSE to take the easy way out and just change follow friday to saturday. why? 3 things:
1) follow saturday has no alliteration.. although i could do share saturday. sounds weird though.
2) i'd be late for that too. share saturday would end up on sunday.
3) then i'd have to do share sunday. no thanks!


matchbook magazine: field guide to a charmed life. so darling. it's probably the cutest magazine ever, but still stylish and sophisticated.

it has so many features, including a history lesson (generally fashion or artistically related), fashion + beauty section, travel, culture, living, and then the big-ticket features. 

this is the magazine to learn how to be martha stewart. and twiggy. and a classy lady (or gent) in general. it is another one of my favorites, but it is up-and-coming and only has a few issues so far.

everything in there is also tagged with a link that takes you to where you can buy what's in there. SUPER SUPER HELPFUL, no?

now don't be fooled -- there are editorials aplenty, and even a 'gentlemen's quarters'.

and this issue even has a feature on 'it boy' chris benz! 

what's not to love? i'll tell you - nothing.

...dear god. i sound like a bad rogaine ad.


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