it's that robin egg blue...

this is a crummy picture... but they are the most beautiful things i've ever bought. robin egg blue satin heels. i usually hate pointed shoes but goodness, these are exceptional. especially at $8.

they have a splendid light pink leather lining, and i found a hot pink feather in the insole. i took it as a wonderful sign.

 then i realized my shoes were the same colour as the railings at school. goodness. i love them so very much.



  1. What a great find, I love the feather in them :)

  2. Hi Kat!! :D
    *_* they ARE gorgeous- and they were only $8?! That makes them even more gorgeous haha, and they fit you like a glove. it's so much fun to find something so perfect at such a good price- it makes my entire week when that happens. x

  3. Yeah same I usually don't like pointy shoes they look like they might hurt someone :P
    What a good find! They look really cute on your tootsies :D


    Kathryn :)

  4. These are stunning- I love the hot pink feather, must have been a sign :) Glad you're back to the blogging world :)



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