i wish to pose a question.

A completely irrelevant question. If you had $50 to spend on American Eagle Outfitters, what would you buy? You may or may not know that I am a strong believer in not spending more than $30 on any one item. But, the other day, a gift card fell out of the sky. Kind of.

They inducted me into this survey thing, u.talk.back, and when you work up a certain amount of points, they give you giftcards. American Eagle, magazine subscriptions (nothing really good like Vogue or anything), Gamestop, etc.

Sorry if this post has turned into a giant add. But according to my mother, that's all my blog is. Oh well! So, after a few years of taking numerous mind-numbing surveys, i had enough points for a $50 ae giftcard. And i'm stuck. Help.

If you could buy any item/combination of items from them for under $50, what would it be, dear friends? Leaning towards these items:

AE Mini Messenger Bag

(all images from ae.com)
Also, i might be having some street fashion posts later.. I'm in a college town for Thanksgiving, maybe i'll find something interesting.



  1. I'd choose the bag. But I don't know, jewelry is another good option in my opinion. ♥

  2. What a great way to earn $50! I like the skirt and the bag! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and for actually reading it! Means a lot! X

    Burn the Blonde

  3. Lovely shirt!!!




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