family photos

I dug these up out of some old family albums... The first one is circa 90's, but the rest are 60's-70's. Even though I'm partial to the 20's, I still love looking at the clothing from the "olden days". Oh dear god, and look at the hair! Hah, I found beehives galore in the albums. Maybe these will inspire you to go a little retro this weekend.

My favorite has to be the one with the azaleas. It's just gorgeous, isn't it? Looks like something from out of a movie or an old photo shoot. It's that kind of candidly pretty picture.

In case you haven't noticed, the blog got a makeover. I finally had some time to work on it and now i think it's actually presentable! I'm happy with it. The background for the banner is the cover of one of the vintage photo albums. How i love florals ♥

Expect a few DIYs later this weekend... Today I have the day off, so I have some free time to slack off and have fun with some shiny new things from Jo-Ann's.



  1. Lovely pics! And, thank you bunches for finding my little blog & following! I love meeting new blogger friends, so once again thank you for finding me so I could find you! I'll be sure to stop back!


  2. Love vintage photos! They're so interesting.


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