blooming leopold

dress - thrifted; belt - wholesale-dress.net; necklace (bullet) - gift; fishnets - bygones vintage in carytown; lipstick - covergirl 'flame'

**i thought this was saved as a draft. turns out it was published. that's what happens when I try to be productive in the wee hours of the night. that's also the reason for the lack of words on the original post.
so this is one of my latest loves - a handmade pin-striped dress from rumors! i saw it and, like the dress in the previous post, fell in love with it instantly. $11. am i right? rumors has sold out a bit lately and become less of a thrift store and more of a boutique, but all the same i am simply mad for this dress.

it instantaneously reminded me of the lovely lady lauren at blooming leopold vintage. she created her own line alongside the vintage she sells, and her spring 2011 pieces are divine. this dress reminds me of her pieces so much. i think what does it is definitely the pinstripes - they are rampant among her line. we're cut from the same cloth in the sense that we both seem to adore stripes. especially those of the pin persuasion.



  1. you're so gorgeous :)
    and its a beautiful dress!

  2. I just think it's the prefect dress

  3. Wow, that dress...the style, print, and color is absolutely stunning on you:) The lighting in these photos is very dreamy as well.


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